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【New Arrivals】RVMasking 7 Layers top RV Travel Trailer Cover Fits 15'-40' Motorhome

Key Features and Its Function

 Preferred Fabric

  • 7 Layers Top Non-woven Fabric
  • 3 Layers Non-woven Fabric On the Side

Tearproof Protection

  • Top Tear-proof Straps
  • Reinforced Edges and Corners
  • Gutter Covers Are Included

Anti-UV Protection

  • Anti-UV Agent From 4%(2021) to 5%(2022)

Waterproof Protection and Ventilation

  • Mixed with Waterproof Membrane
  • Air Vents

Windprood Protection and Custom Fit

  • Bottom Windproof Straps
  • 2 Extra Ultra-long Straps
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Tension Panels
  • Elasticized Hem Corners

Easy access In and Out of the RV

  • Roll-able zippered doors

Care and Maintenance

  • Do not store or roll up RV cover while wet.
  • Be sure to clean and dry before storage.
  • To remove dirt from either side of the material.


Cutomer review - From other platform

Looks like a good cover by Shawn B.

So I looked at quite a few reviews on numerous covers and just decided to go with this one based on the price as well as reviews I looked at. All brands of covers seemed to have a few bad reviews based on tears and not really being waterproof. So far, I have had the cover on my GeoPro FBS19 a few months, and it has withstood some very high winds (60mph gusts), and has repelled water as well. I like the care taken to reinforce everywhere there is a possibility of compromise. There are multiple straps that were included and two were meant to completely go around the cover to ensure the cover stays on the trailer. Very impressed that the straps (6 in all) had an attachable anchor weight, two included that you easily clip to each strap, to throw the strap through to the other side below the frame of the trailer. The cover came in a vacuum sealed bag (felt like a giant brick), and if I have any complaint, initially on covering trailer, the cover looked like it needed a serious ironing! I don’t know about the 6 layer claim, but I will have to believe there are 6 bonded there on the top as the fabric has the appearance of being one layer. The fabric is very tear resistant. I am hoping it lasts two years, if it does, I would say it is well worth the investment vs. letting the new camper be exposed to the elements all winter and spring. Before covering, I went on the roof and found that my solar panel had very sharp edges, so before putting the cover on, I took a beach towel and used duct tape to put it over the panel and soften/pad the sharp corners. The zippers are placed well (they are on passenger side, and there are three along that side). This worked well for me because the GeoPro I have had the entry door at the very back of the passenger side rear corner. This allowed easy access without much fuss. Very happy so far.


Looks like a good cover


Money well spent by Tammy

We had used a tarp for our 38’ travel trailer the past two years because based on research and reviews, we were not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a poorly made/constructed RV cover just to have it be damaged in the wind, rain & snow, that we sometimes get all at and same time here in lower Michigan. We made the move to buy this 37’-40’ RV Masking 2021 cover in November 2021 because it was more reasonably priced, had good reviews and had six layers of material with UV protection. We will have our RV cover on for approx. 5mn of the year here in MI. My husband is an able man, handy as well and did manage to wrestle it and put it on the camper himself. So far so good! As you can see from the photos it fits our 38’ Jayco almost perfectly. It’s durable in the weather, quite in the wind and the water from rain & melting snow rolls off it. Easy access to check on things inside through out the covered months by way of the zippers on the side of the cover. We also LOVE the tire, tank and tongue jack covers it came with as well as the little rain run off socks. We protected corners and other protruding items with bubble wrap under the cover. Fingers crossed this cover will last for a handful of years.


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Purchase link: RVMasking 7 Layers Travel Trailer Cover

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