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How to install your RVMasking RV cover


Step 1: Put the tire cover on first. Slide the cover over the tire, took the bungee to one side, toss around the back of the tire and connect it to the other side.

Step 2: Find a nice large area to spread the cover, unfold it. Find the front and back of the cover. (The side with sewn "front" tag, that's the front)

Step 3: Flip the cover and make sure the top is facing upward. Fold over one side of the top, the other side of the top, from the bottom loosely roll up the cover toward the front.

Step 4: Take the cover to the top and put it on.(Tips: remember to make yoru roof clean with no twigs branches)

Step 5: Put the gutter cover on and drop one side of the cover, over the front and back. The other side is the same. Make sure all folds are out and equally space side to side. 

Step 6: Put all the staps tight (including triangle straps, medium traps, and large straps)

You are so welcome to email us at if any help is needed.

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