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How to Measure for Your RV Cover

Tools We Need Before The Measurement

  • Tape measure (long enough to measure your RV)
  • Paper and pen

General Tips

  • If rv length close to the edge of the size range, please choose the larger size for best fit
  • Measurement should include all external accessories such as ladders, spare wheel air conditioner, antenna, etc
  • DO NOT rely on the manufacturer’s specs. Make sure you measure it correctly before the purchase

How To Measure for An RVMasking Cover

Step 1: Measure the RV from bumper to bumper

Make sure you include anything that stick out past the bumper such as ladder, spare tire or anything you want to have covered. DO NOT include the hitch or tougue.

Step 2: Measure the width

Include the sideview mirror if they don't fold in.

Step 3: Measure the height

Measure from the top of the outside roof to the bottom. Do not include wheel wells or measure it all to the ground.

How to measure for your travel trailer and 5th wheel rv cover
how to measure for your class c and class a rv cover
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