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210D Oxford Car Cover Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Cover 2 Door XL/XXL

SKU: CA0293H

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RVMasking 210D Oxford Jeep Wrangler cover

Customer Reviews

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Fits Jeep TJ perfect

Wrangler TJ XL is perfect

I just watched this thing get blown around in a bad storm, NEVER CAME OFF THOUGH! I bought this for a Wrangler TJ and the XL fits perfectly. It is big, but that's actually good because when the wind picks it up a little bit, all the rain that collects above the passenger seats gets blown off! I'll also say that I've gotten rain tarps before, smaller ones that don't cover the hood, wheels, etc., maybe a bestop oe allterrain product, I can't remember, but those rain covers WILL leak when you have a gob of water collected on top above the passenger seats. This does not leak, the water does not get through no matter how much is sitting for how long, I love that. Didnt think I'd like how it covers so much of the vehicle, but I do. It blows around, never comes off.

Doug Woodall
Fit like it should have.

Cover fit well and works great how ever the sticking for the mirror on one side is loose in one spot.

Dry as a bone�� with modifications

First off I have a 4 door 2017 JK and it fits great, covers all the doors.

I bought this because as all Jeep owners know it is a pain to put the top and doors back on, I wanted something I could quickly cover if a storm was approaching.

I can easily put this on myself, but easier with two people.

The first night I used it we got about 1�� of rain and there were several spots where the water had puddled. But no water came in.

To avoid the puddles, I use three broom handles across and a yard rake (you read that correctly) out the back. The water no longer accumulates and still dry after several uses.

One con is that I have yet been able to get it back in the bag, but not a deal breaker for me.

Perfect for weather conditions

Water resistance weatherproof and durability

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