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210D Oxford Truck Cover Fit Up to 250inch

SKU: CA0292H

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RVMasking 210D oxford fabric waterproof truck cover

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fits well and stays on in the wind

This seems to be a pretty decent cover. It has been through a couple windstorms and held up. I have a headache rack so I put something over the sharp edges to keep it from wearing through.
It's pretty near waterproof. Nothing leaks through when it rains, but if you don't have something in the bed to keep water from pooling it will form a swimming pool back there and very slowly seep through to hold moisture against the bed. If you leave it too long it will rust. Other covers are this way, also, so I'm not knocking this one. It's just something I wish I knew the first time I left a truck covered for an extended period of time. This pretty much exactly fits a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 with extended cab and 8' bed.

D. R.
It fit my 10g f150 long wheel base, not problem at all.

I didn't expected to fit like a glove, so no problem here.. it covers the whole truck. It does repel water, but the fitted part that stays stick to the panels, whether on the roof or hood will pass water or condensation. I think this is a problem that affects all covers under heavy rain. I recommend the use of a liner as a barrier for long storage. A movers blanket and painters plastic under the cover will give the best protection. The lock and cable to secure it are ok.. but I didn't use them.
update: after a few months the color has faded when the sun shine the most. still going strong tho. advice to pick up owners: if you don't have a tonneau or bed cover, do open a few holes towards the back so you can still have partially dried bed and water still evacuate throught the tailgate. Otherwise you will find big poodle of water or worst case a ripped fabric to an unusable state.

Very nice and inexpensive car cover - very happy

This car cover is used in my carport (not a garage) so it is open to desert wind, dust, pollen and a bit of rain when the wind whips around. The cover keeps my new car clean and dust free, and it is very easy to put on and take off. I am very happy with it, plus the fact that it has a zipper to open the driver door has helped a few times when I forgot something in the car. For the people who complain about it not lasting in the summer sun, or winter snow - even a heavy tarp will not withstand UV and high or freezing temp. One should realize that anything left out in the weather will not last. I am very happy with this cover, and when it comes time to get a new one, I hope this company is still around to buy from.

Casper Felix
Nice thick fabric

My last truck cover finally started to disintegrate after being in direct sunlight for about 18 months.

This one is made out of what appears to be a heavier duty fabric. It doesn��t seem like the traditional fabric cover. This is stronger and thicker.

Time will tell how it does but so far I��m impressed.

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