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【Christmas sale】RVMasking 7 Layers top Travel Trailer Camper Cover Fits 15-40ft

SKU: Q0106-USK2-A

$289.99 $622.99
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【Christmas sale】RVMasking 7 Layers top Travel Trailer Camper Cover Fits 15-40ft
$289.99 $622.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
G. S.
Quality product and very durable

I highly recommend this cover. It is made out of very durable material. It also has another layer on the top to protect the roof. I put it on a 2006 Jayco jay flight with the camper body being 26 1/2 feet long. It took me a little over an hour to put it on with help from a friend. It’s also nice because it has vents to keep the moisture out and it has zippers so you have access to the inside of your camper.

Map Boy
Great RV Cover!!!

So far we are really happy with this RV cover it is well made and with two people it was easy to put on the camper.

Great Fit

I followed the instructions that came with the package this worked best for me. I installed the cover myself. But would recommend get someone to help with lifting the cover to the roof. I measured my RV Trailer first before ordering to make sure the fit would work. The only items I found that did not work will. The gutter covers, they came lose when putting the cover sides down. The wheel cover securing cords where to long I loped them thru the eye hole and back over the plastic hook, this made them shorter. I will most like replace these with metal end hooks and shorter length cords. This is my third cover over the pasted 11 years of RVing, its quality is much better then the two covers I have used. The four zippers side flaps, extra supports straps, better layers, reinforced sides really sold me on this cover. The price was also good for what you get in this package.

Lots of tie downs and not bad to install if you are on the roof.

The material is pretty thick. I put the cover on the roof unfolded. I unrolled the cover until I found the front tag. I slowly began to unfold the cover and lay it out from one end to the other. I recommend finding the most 90 degree corners and begin from that end pulling the cover taunt towards the slopped end if you have one end that is not squared off. Drape the sides over the sides of the trailer being careful to center the cover evenly on both sides of the trailer. The straps provided have long and short. 4 short for the ends of the trailer. (dont mix them up like I did....) The weighted clips provided are great for tossing the straps. Great value added item! If you have a hollow pipe to put the weighted end into it is super easy to get the strap where you want it. I found the ends of the cover,for my application, a bit loose. I criss crossed my lines to try to tighten up the extra material. Over all a very good cover!

A little short

I bought a 20-22 foot version for our travel trailer. We put it on yesterday, and found that the sides don't quite go all the way down below the sides of the trailer. I don't think that's a big deal, but wanted to mention.

Also, one of the buckles was broken. When I went to snap the other piece into it, it did go in, but one side was cracked completely through and it was bent a bit. I think something must have happened in the manufacturing process. There is no way this happened during shipping. The buckles are packed inside the box and it would take a LOT of force to crack this. Somehow it was still sewn into the cover. I couldn't remove it, so we'll just have to use it that way. Hopefully it holds up.

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