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【Limited Time Special】RVMasking 150D Travel Trailer cover Fits 15ft to 40ft

SKU: CE2061S-A08

$199.99 $666.63
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【Limited Time Special】RVMasking 150D Travel Trailer cover Fits 15ft to 40ft
$199.99 $666.63

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bank for your buck

For the price I think these are a incredible value and I actually bought two of them. The first one I bought was $120 and then it went on sale for $60 so I bought another. This is the first cover I bought for the camper when I was doing the research a lot of covers seem to be more of a breathable type of fabric but they seem to rip very easy where this feels like a good quality tarp type material. This is a 34�� camper and it fit much better then I expected. I love that the kit comes with a bunch of tie downs and weighted clips to help you toss the tie down over your camper and love it comes with gutter covers and a patch in case of a tear. Even if I only get two years out of it I still think it was a good value but I think I will get much longer out of it and plan on keeping it on the camper most of the year when it��s not in use.

John S
Great customer service, great product

RV masking is a very good company and really tries hard to work with the customer, keep them happy, great follow-up, covers are easily returned, etc. It can be difficult finding the right cover, be patient, and keep trying. Campers come and all different sizes and shapes. I prefer the polyester (for Texas weather) cover for a couple of reasons: 1.) Waterproof, this means I can clean my roof on the rv and it will stay pretty clean, good uv protection. 2.) If you are careful the cover will last reasonably long. Cover sharp edges, gutters, bolts, stairs, etc. 3.) Depending on where you live it might be better to have the fabric/multi layer. My experience has been these covers tend to dry-rot over time (in Texas) and don't last as long as the polyester. 4.) It's a cover, the sun and wind will break it down. These covers are affordable that it's not going to break the bank to get a new one as needed and it will look nicer too. It took me 3 times to find a cover this time - I appreciate RV Masking help me get this done.

Heather Ewing
Fit as described

Cover fit as described. Quality seems to be good

Great value and easy to install

I put it on our 32 foot travel trailer by myself and had no issues (pictured before the straps are on). The cover came with little sleves (pictured) for my rain gutters which was great. I re-rolled up the cover differently than how it came so that I can now roll the cover on from front to back instead of having it folded in half. That takes up more space so it doesn't fit in the bag, but we only store the cover when we are using the trailer anyways.

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