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About Us

Brand Profile

RVmasking was created by a collective that has a rich passion for outdoor adventures and a deep love for RV traveling. They dedicated themselves to this way of life by immersing in the landscape and nature. A hobby so true and pure, it became their profession for chasing after perfection.

As a company, passion alone won't be enough to bring impeccable products. That's why our team puts attention to details at the very top; from the designing process to manufacturing, each individual steps link outcomes with demands and our brand with customers closer than ever before.


Brand Positioning

Values and quality, you're getting both with RVmasking.


Brand Concept

No matter on the road or off the road, RVmasking keeps your RV fresh and clean all four seasons.




Company Address: Block 11, Building H, Gangzhilong, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China 518000

Tel: +8613145830581


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