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RVMasking Covers Installation Guides

① RV Cover Installation Guide

Step 1: Put the tire cover on first. Slide the cover over the tire, took the bungee to one side, toss around the back of the tire and connect it to the other side.

Step 2: Find a nice large area to spread the cover, unfold it. Find the front and back of the cover. (The side with sewn "front" tag, that's the front)

Step 3: Flip the cover and make sure the top is facing upward. Fold over one side of the top, the other side of the top, from the bottom loosely roll up the cover toward the front.

Step 4: Take the cover to the top and put it on.(Tips: remember to make your roof clean with no twigs branches)

Step 5: Put the gutter cover on and drop one side of the cover, over the front and back. The other side is the same. Make sure all folds are out and equally space side to side. 

Step 6: Put all the staps tight (including triangle straps, medium traps, and large straps)

You are so welcome to email us at if any help is needed.

② Boat Cover Installation Guide

Place cover over the front portion of your boat. Then pull cover slowly over the vehicle until it covers the boat. (Remember: Avoid any sharp corners as you install the cover. You may wish to pad sharp angles or tape them over with a piece of material before covering.)

Trailering With Your RVMasking Cover

  • Place the long black strap through the belt sheath sewn on the cover back. Attach the strap ends into the special non-corrosive buckle. You can adjust the length of the strap using the buckle.
  • Then secure the elastic cord under the middle belly of the boat or pwc.
  • Then cinch up all straps tightly, so as to keep the wind from tearing the cover off when you drive. (Warning: When transporting, cover must be fastened in such a way as to eliminate "Wind Flap". Improper installation or failure to tighten the belts & straps, may cause the cover to tear.)

STRAPS: Buckles that face down will tie to each other going under. to opposite side. The buckles that face up will tie over the cover to opposite sides. The straps will wrap the entire boat going under the hull and over the boat cover refund meeting at the rub rails to connect to the buckles.

Cleaning Your Cover
Any cover will slowly collect dust on its underside, picked up from contact with the surface of the vehicle. Do not use machines with agitators - this can damage the cover and actually cause rips or tears. Do not wash in hot water! DO NOT put the cover in an automatic dryer (the fabric can melt). DO NOT dry clean. Another way to clean the dust from either the inside or outside of the cover is to put it on the vehicle and hose it off. To clean the inside, put the cover on the vehicle inside out(this can only be done if you do not have an external antenna). After rinsing off the cover, leave it on the vehicle to dry. Then fold it and return it to the trunk or usual storage place.

Installing Cover With Loops & Tie Down Straps :

Based upon the size of your boat cover, it may not be necessary to use all of the tie down straps.

  • Step 1: Thread the buckle-end of the strap through the tie down loop from back to front. Pull through approximately 12 inches and tie-off with a simple overhand knot so that the strap is secure.
  • Step 2: Guide the opposite end of the strap around the trailer from back to front.
  • Step 3: Thread the strap through the top slot in the quick release buckle from back to front, pulling the end of the strap toward you.
  • Step 4: Continue threading the strap over the center bar of the buckle and into the bottom slot of the buckle. The strap is now fully adjustable by pulling down on the loose end of webbing. Install all the straps on the cover before tightening.
  • Step 5: Be sure the cover is centered on the boat, then tighten all straps securely so that the cover is taut.
  • Step 6: Trim the straps. Leave approximately 12” of webbing for adjustability and trim off any excess using a pair of scissors. Lightly singe the cut edge of the webbing using a cigarette lighter to fuse the yarns and prevent the webbing from unraveling.

DO NOT SET ON FIRE AND BE SURE TO EXTINGUISH ANY FLAMES. To remove the boat cover, simply disconnect the quick release buckles by squeezing the sides. For quick and easy re-installation of the cover, leave the straps attached to the tie-down loops. After first use, check straps for tautness. If they require adjustment, untie knot and refer to step 1.

③ Car Cover Installation Guide

STEP 1: Make sure your vehicle is clear of any dust or dirt particles, so they do not get trapped in between the cover and your vehicle surface.

STEP 2: Carefully remove your RVMasking Cover from the carrying case on the top of your vehicle with the front of the cover facing the front of your vehicle, being careful it does not touch the ground. We suggest beginning towards the rear of your vehicle.

STEP 3: Slowly unroll the cover down the middle of the vehicle towards the back and cover the rear of the car making sure the edge of the cover is under the bumper.

STEP 4: Now, roll the front of the cover towards the hood of your vehicle unrolling the side as you move forward. Do the same for the other side of your vehicle.

STEP 5: Pull the front edge of the cover underneath your front bumper. Adjust the cover where needed to ensure that all areas are covered.

STEP 6: Use the strap and buckle clips, or cable lock system underneath your vehicle to secure the cover and ensure that it does not move around or get blown away. Adjust where necessary.