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How to Measure for Your RV/ Boat Cover


Do I really need to measure my RV to buy a cover? The answer is YES. The best way to make sure your cover fits properly is to physically measure your RV. Even if you know the make and model, the manufacturer specifications may be different than what you really have. It's always a good idea that you physically measure your RV due to extended bumpers, ladders, spare tires, etc. Do not include the propane tanks or front hitch on trailers in measurements.

Tools We Need Before The Measurement

  • Tape measure (long enough to measure your RV)
  • Paper and pen

General Tips

  • If rv length close to the edge of the size range, please choose the larger size for best fit
  • Measurement should include all external accessories such as ladders, spare wheel air conditioner, antenna, etc
  • DO NOT rely on the manufacturer’s specs. Make sure you measure it correctly before the purchase

How To Measure for An RVMasking Cover

Step 1: Measure Your RV From Bumper to Bumper

Measure the length of the RV from bumper to bumper. If anything sticks out past the bumpers, make note of what it is and how far it sticks out (for example: a ladder sticks out past the back bumper by 8.5 inches, spare tire on back bumper – 18 inches, etc). DO NOT include the hitch or tougue.

Step 2: Measure the Height of Your RV

When measuring the height of the RV, Measure the trailer sidewalls at the highest point of the roofline down to the outside frame, including roof-mounted accessories, vents, and A/C units. excluding ground clearance, Remember, don't stop at the top of the wheel well!

Step 3: Measure the Width of Your RV

Measure the width of the RV from side to side. Go to the front of the RV or trailer and measure the widest part. Just like with height and width, do not include awnings or mirrors. Include the sideview mirror if they don't fold in.

What About Awnings and Mirrors?

All of our covers are meant to accommodate typical RV awnings. Mirrors should be folded in to the vehicle when installing a cover. The cover will typically have enough fabric to cover the mirrors - even if they do not fold in.

The RV Cover should be a little loose when you put it on. This will make for a much easier install. Once in place the cover can be tightened and secured with straps.

You are so welcome to email us at any time if there is anything we can help.

How do I measure my car?

When measuring your car, it is good to keep the following points in mind:

  • Fold in the exterior mirrors during the measurement

  • Measure the width inside the car - open both doors and measure inside. After all, the chassis is wider than the roof.

  • Measure the length - as usual - from front to back. Please note that you do not measure the trailer hitch.

  • If you don't have a tape measure, you can find your car's measurements in your car's owner's manual or online.

Depending on the type of car you need either an SUV car cover or a "normal" All Weather car cover. Look in each category to see which cover best suits the dimensions of your car.

How do I measure the roof of my car?
Measuring the car roof works a little differently than measuring the car.

Note the following points:

  • When measuring the length, start at the bottom of the windshield (where the wipers are mounted)
  • Now measure across the roof of your car
  • Finally, measure the rear window. If your measuring tape is not long enough, measure the windshield, roof and rear window individually and add up the individual lengths - the result is then the total length of your car roof.
  • You can measure the height by measuring from the bottom of the window in the car door up to the edge of the roof.
  • You measure the width by measuring the top edge of the windshield from left to right.


To choose the best boat cover, you should first measure your boat.

Here's how best to do this.

How do I measure my open boat?

Also consider if there are items such as a rail or a chain wheel that protrude over the edge of the boat (if you plan to cover those items with the tarp as well). We recommend a separate cover for the outboard motor. However, if it fits better in terms of size, then you can also cover the engine with the boat tarpaulin.

The boat tarpaulins are tapered - if your boat is not tapered at the front then these tarpaulins will not fit your boat (so-called flat-bottomed boats). If your boat is shorter than 420cm, then in this case you can try an inflatable boat cover.

Which tarpaulin is suitable for my open boat?

First of all, you should check whether there is an object protruding over the edge of the boat, for example the rudder or a (windscreen) screen. If this object extends more than 30 centimeters over the edge of the boat, a console boat cover may be more suitable for your boat.

Are there no objects sticking out over the edge of your boat?

If no objects extend beyond the edge of the boat, measure the length and width from front to back and left to right. These are the dimensions that your boat tarpaulin should have.

Is the rudder or a sheave higher than the edge of the boat?

Then, for open boat coverage, measure from fore to aft across the object. Also measure from left to right across the highest point. These are the dimensions the boat cover should have to fully cover your boat.

Which tarpaulin is suitable for my console boat?

There are one options for your center console boat, the 800D Long Life Boat Cover specifically for center console boats. The 800D Long Life Boat Cover has a cut out where a console would normally be in the boat. For the best fit, choose a tarpaulin from this category. For console boats, these covers are available in the following dimensions:

Length 20'-22' Beam Width Up To 106‘’
Length 17'-19' Beam Width Up To 102‘’

These are the actual boat dimensions, measured front to back and left to right, not including the console.

Does your boat have dimensions other than those mentioned?

For boats shorter than above, open boat tarpaulins are suitable as a cover. In this case, take the steering console into account when measuring. Measure the boat as follows: front to back across the console and left to right also across the console. These are the measurements you need to fully cover your boat.

For boats that are longer than the above, speed boat tarpaulins may be suitable as a cover. The recess is then a little further forward compared to the covers for console boats. However, this does not have to be an obstacle.

The boat tarpaulins are tapered - if your boat is not tapered at the front then these tarpaulins will not fit (so-called flat-bottomed boats).
Are there other objects that can affect the length of the tarpaulin? Then note that the tarpaulin must be longer to be able to cover these objects. Therefore, also measure any existing railing!

Advice on making the right choice

Are you unable to measure your boat? Or would you like some advice to help you make the right choice? Then simply get in touch with our expert customer service via our contact page. We are always at your side with help and advice.