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What Is the Best Boat Cover Material?

There are a variety of boat covers on the market, and all kinds of materials are available. Material decides the cover's durability, waterproof function, etc. What is the best boat cover material? Hope this article helps you get a clue about different materials, therefore helping you better choose the best boat cover. 

3 Main Materials Used to Make Boat Covers


This material stands out for its UV protection & waterproof function. It also has good breathability. It is considered a great choice for a boat cover.

You may see a boat cover made of 150D Oxford fabric. The Oxford fabric is waterproof Oxford is 100% polyester. Besides, denier is a term that defines the thickness of the fiber. The higher the denier, the stronger the fiber. From 150D to 600D, now some boat cover has 800D density fabric. The greater density polyester has, the more heavy duty is. Some boat covers use polyester combined with PU coating to ensure the best UV protection.

RVMasking 800D Polyester Boat Cover


Acrylic stands out for its durability, soft texture, and resistance to mold and moisture. What can be compared with Oxford cloth is Polyester. Compared to Polyester, acrylic can last longer. Polyester is stronger than acrylic when it’s brand new. Generally polyester wears out sooner than an acrylic cover.

Nylon and blends

This material is not considered to be durable and UV-resistant, or not too much. It’s lightweight but not heavy duty enough.

Final Thoughts

Back to the question ”What is the best boat cover material?”, Canvas Boat Cover and Repair Advisor Website mentioned that acrylic is considered the top line of boat material. They are top-line because of their ability to last for years and still look good. Based on what's shown online, most boat covers on the market are made of polyester. Some manufacturers combine this material with PU coating to improve its UV protection. Polyester would also be a great option.

Last but not least, here are other factors to consider speaking of purchasing the boat cover, such as color option, waterproof function, windproof (straps and buckles), if it is your boat, etc. Hope we can all get the best, most importantly, the most suitable cover for our boat.

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