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Best Waterproof Boat Cover

A quality boat cover helps maintain our boats in a great condition for the next adventure. It keeps our boat from dust and dirt if we store our boat inside. If your boat is stored outside, a quality cover can protect it from UV-rays, keep mice, animals from spoiling the boat. Here are 3 important features of boat covers you can pay attantion to when choosing a cover for your boat.

3 Important Features About A Boat Cover


Material should always be an important factor to consider. It decides the cover's UV-resistant and waterproof function. Most boat covers are made from Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon and blends. We can know the differences between these materials before making the choices.

  • Polyester: It stands out for its UV-resistant&waterproof function, breathbility. It’s considered as a great choice for boat cover construction and most boat covers on the market is made from it.  
  • Acrylic: It is considered to be superior to Polyester, thanks to its great durability, soft texture, great resistance to mold and moisture.
  • Nylon and blends: This material is not considered to be durable and UV-resistant, or not too much. It’s lightweight but less


It’s important to consider customization before the purchase. If your boat has a trolling motor (high-mounted or low-mounted), poling platform and such. You may need to take that into consideration.


Trailerability should also be taken into consideration if you don’t want cover on your boat in the long-distance trailering.

RVMasking Waterproof Boat Cover for V-hull Boats

If you are looking for a waterproof boat cover of your V-hull boats, we would recommend this RVMasking V-Hull boat cover, featuring in waterproof function, great durability and detailed designs.

RVMasking V-hull boat cover

Heavy Duty Cover for V-Hull Boats, Design for Durability

It’s made of 800D polyester with waterproof PU coating and anti-UV coating. Compared to 420D/500D/600D polyester, this material is more durable and last longer time. 

RVMasking v-hull boat cover heavy duty fabric

Windproof and Waterproof Boat Cover

It comes with 11 Oxford ribbons and the buckles, securing to the boat in windy days. Webbing seam covered with waterproof strips to prevent water seepage at the top. 

RVMasking v-hull cover with buckles for security


Both sides of the tail are equipped with a ventilation system to prevent water vapor from gathering under the boat cover, keep the boat dry and extend the service life of the product.

Outstanding Detail Design

The team built this cover with double stitching system, making the stitching part not easy to tear. The webbing seam is covered with waterproof strips to prevent water seepage at the top (another tip, you can buy a support pole to prevent water accumulation); Thicken the top and tail of the easy-to-wear cover to withstand more friction and extend its service life.

RVMasking v-hull boat cover key features

Custom Fit

Fit V-Hull Runabouts and Bass Boats 16'-18.5'L by up to 98" W

A quality cover offers great protection for the boat. Make a list about your expectation of a rv cover before the purchase. It will save a lot of time. RVMasking boat covers have multiple sizes for different boat models such as jon boats, t-top, v-hull boats, etc.

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