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Ultimate Boat Cover Buying Guide

This Blog Includes

  • Things to Know Before Buying
  • A Boat Cover Boat Cover Features You Can Pay Attention To
  • How To Measure For Your Boat Cover (General Methods)

Is A Boat Cover Worth It?

The answer would definitely be yes. Whether you store your boat indoors or outdoors, a quality boat cover would be great and cost-effective protection for your boat. It's a worthy investment. Many people may get lost facing thousands of boat covers online. This blog will offer a buying guide if you are planning to buy a boat cover.

Things to Know Before Buying A Boat Cover

Take the Climate Into Consideration

Is your place of residence humid all year round? Is there a lot of sun or wind or snow? It's wise to consider the climate when choosing a cover for your boat. If your place is humid and rains a lot, a waterproof boat cover would be the number 1 on your list. If it's windy, you should see if a cover does a great job in its windproof design, such as its number of straps, It's the same if you get a lot of sunshine in your state.  

Boat under sun light

Choose Custom Boat Covers Or Universal Boat Covers

Custom boat covers are manufactured for a particular type of boat. It tight fits your boat rarely with looseness. Universal boat covers can not beat custom boat covers on this point. But universal boat covers are a lot cheaper and can also do the work. It would be a great option if you are not planning to spend that much on the cover. When choosing a universal cover for your boat, measure the center line length and beam width of your boat, and choose the best quality boat cover which has the closest measurement you hope for.  

RVMasking universal boat covers have multiple sizes available for v-hull, t-top, jon boats, etc.

Know the Use Of Your Boat Cover

You would better know the use of it before choosing the boat cover. Will it be used for common storage in your garage? Are you planning to trailer your boat with the cover on? Are you needing the cover on a mooring boat? These are the questions you should figure out before making the choice. Make sure you choose a suitable cover based on your use. Here are 2 uses of boat cover you can take into consideration.

Use Boat Cover When Mooring

The mooring boat cover is for the boat stored on the water. Such covers usually consist of durable material stretching tightly around the top and sides of the boat. It keeps your boat from fading, protecting it from water, rain, and dust.

Mooring Boat

Use Boat Cover When Trailering

If you are planning a long distance while towing your boat or getting to the highway speed, a high-quality boat cover would be of necessity. A trailerable boat cover should come with straps to make sure the cover is secure and tight. Make sure you know if the cover is of trailerable use before making the purchase.  

RVMasking Trailerable Boat Cover for V-hull Boat

Boat Cover Features You Can Pay Attention To


Material the boat cover is made of plays an important role. Polyester, acrylic, nylon and blends are 3 common boat cover material on the market. Polyester does a great job in durability, tearproof function and cost. It's probably the most common material made of boat cover. You can know the difference of these materials and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Boat Motor Cover

The boat motor should also be protected from the sun. Some boat covers come with Outbound Motor Hood, while some do not. Make sure you know this before the purchase.


Straps play an important role in the windproof function of a boat cover. Make sure the boat cover you choose has strong and enough straps to do the job.


Warranty time varies from different brands. Most boat covers on the market offer a 2-3 year warranty. If a brand doesn't, it might indicate a less good durability cover. But it depends.

Reinforced Corners

Corner and seam parts of a boat cover can easily get torn through pulling. Some boat covers make these parts reinforced. This would be a feature to look at on a boat cover.  

Measure For A Boat Cover

After initially determining the boat cover you want, the most important step is to choose the right size. Different manufacturers may have different tips. Please make sure you check the specific method if you decide to buy the boat cover from the brand. Here are 2 steps to measure for a boat cover.

Step 1. Measure Length/Center Line

Measure your boat from the tip of the bow to the center of the stern. If there is protruding part past the stern, remember to include it in the overall length.

Also, make sure you include all the aftermarket/upgrade parts you are hoping to cover, such as swim platform, bow pulpit, jack plate, etc. Measure it in a straight line.

Step 2. Measure Beam Width

Beam width is the widest part of the boat. Remember to measure in a straight line.

How to Measure for RVMasking Trailerable V-hull  Boat Cover

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