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Everything you need to know about RV covers

An RV is a major investment that will experience considerable wear and tear over its lifetime. While most RVs are designed with this fact in mind and are therefore usually quite sturdy, there are simple steps that can be taken to ensure that your RV is protected to the best of its ability, regardless of its quality or age. A great starting point for pursuing RV care is the use of an RV cover. RV covers, of course, function the same as car covers, but they are installed differently to accommodate the size and shape of the RV. For example, they are usually made up of multiple sections that are formed by zippers, snaps or Velcro. This solves the impracticality of using a single prefabricated profile on such (usually) large vehicles. Unlike car covers, it is less common for RV covers to be made specifically for certain brands. Instead, as RVMasking does, covers are made for a variety of classes and styles of RVs. This includes Class A, Class C motorhomes, as well as fifth wheels, travel trailers. RV covers are also distinctive because they sometimes allow access to the interior of the RV, thus providing further isolation, protection or privacy for the active RV user: this is not just a storage solution

Protection from UV rays

UV radiation is the ultraviolet light emitted from the sun and is a dual product of the light and heat it emits. While most people only think about UV radiation affecting and damaging human skin cells, causing sunburn, tanning or cancer, UV radiation can eventually have a damaging effect on non-organic materials as well. The pale, blue-pink posters and signs you see posted on the windows of old, poorly maintained buildings and storefronts weren't always like this: this degradation is actually the result of UV radiation Depending on the style of RV you own, this effect can also occur if left unprotected in direct sunlight for long periods of time. However, all RVs, regardless of the design that may fade, can suffer interior damage caused by UV radiation. Dashboards, interiors and weatherseals will deteriorate more quickly when exposed to unwanted sunlight. Of course, these things cannot be covered up at all times, but moderate overall exposure will protect the beauty, comfort and durability of your RV's interior.


Water Protection and Weather Protection

Rain and extreme weather are two of the most common sources of wear and tear on RVs. This is true for both RVs that are submitted to heavy, constant use and those that are simply sitting idle. The size of most (if not all) RVs means that it is impossible for most people to store them under the roof or inside. An RV cover is the perfect solution to this practical problem. This solution is not only for when your RV is unoccupied. You can use a cover to protect your RV from rain and other extreme weather conditions, even when you are living inside - many RV covers have ports that can be opened to allow access to the interior while inside the cover. With proper planning, this means you can protect your RV in most predictable inclement weather, provided the vehicle is secured. Another advantage of regular fixed coverings is the insulating properties. Because RV covers, such as those found on, are multi-layered, they provide a degree of insulation against the cold, especially in the form of wind chill. Occupying your RV when it is covered will protect you from dissipating much of the desired warmth.

Helps keep resale value intact

Regardless of the true condition of your RV's "bones", the mechanics and parts that hold it together and get you where you need to go, if the surface condition of your RV betrays its value, your RV will not get its true value. In fact, potential buyers always judge with their eyes first, so reselling an RV that hasn't been covered its entire life will fail to impress. Keeping your RV under cover during extreme weather or when not in use will ensure that you don't lose potential sales or resale value due to wear and tear on the surface.

Surface concerns aside, customers may have further legitimate reasons to hesitate when purchasing a used RV without a cover to protect it. As this article points out, real damage can be done to RVs when they are not properly protected. Aesthetic damage, water damage, rust, interior deterioration, all of these consequences can wisely limit the value of your RV. Even "cosmetic" damage can invite repairs, especially for potential owners with high standards. With an RV cover, your conscience can take comfort from these concerns.

RVs will require less exterior maintenance

An RV cover ensures that your RV will require less exterior maintenance. This maintenance may come in the form of new paint, refinishing, removal or replacement of rust, rusty parts and rust-induced damage. High quality RV covers like those from are available at a much lower cost.

Affordable Ways to Keep Your RV Safe

As the previous sections hope, any price is better than the uncertain expense of leaving your RV unnecessarily exposed. Fortunately, an RV cover is far from a demanding long-term investment - you don't have to mortgage your home to reap its benefits. In fact, buying an RV cover, even one with an extensive warranty like the one offered here at, costs less than addressing one of the above issues. You can pay over $500 per rust removal, or you can prevent this problem in advance by covering your RV for less money

If you catch us during the sale, even a ~40" 'Gold Shield' 5-ply cover is less than this maintenance! You can cover your RV for less money. Owners of smaller RVs, such as campers, pay a fraction of that. There is no denying this. RV covers are a prudent, economical way to keep your RV safe



There are many reasons associated with putting an RV cover on your RV. RV covers protect against UV damage and the resulting loss of beauty and comfort. They also protect against rain and other extreme weather conditions that will trigger progressive structural damage and increased repair costs. For cosmetic and practical reasons, RV covers ensure that your RV will retain its resale value - and potential buyers will take comfort in knowing that it has been regularly protected. Ultimately, you'll spend less money, save your RV, increase its lifespan and keep money in your pocket.

RVMasking offers the best RV covers available. With our excellent customer service, long business history and unbeatable warranty, you don't need to look any further to find the right RV cover for your needs. We offer different levels of protection for different climates and different needs, and we offer unbeatable prices for such quality - no matter the size, style, or model of your RV!

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