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You are on the road for the first time with a motorhome and are completely at a loss when it comes to parking?Find out where you can park your motorhome and how to park in residential areas and on the campsite in our blog post.

1. where can you park with a motorhome?

In principle, you can park your motorhome where it is also allowed with a car - provided that the road traffic regulations do not expressly prohibit parking with the motorhome by a traffic sign. Some parking spaces are only allowed for cars.

Furthermore, the following rules apply for RV parking and parking:
  • You want to park the motorhome on the street? Then make sure that you keep to the markings of the parking area. Your motorhome must not block two parking spaces!
  • You should not park your motorhome in very narrow street spots, because there must always be enough space for other vehicles (at least 2.65 meters).
  • When parking across from entrances and exits, make sure that there is a minimum distance of 3.5 meters.
  • Be careful not to cover or block any manhole covers when parking your RV.
  • If parking on the sidewalk is allowed, this usually only applies to vehicles lighter than 2.8 tons. Many motorhomes are therefore excluded.
  • Generally, you may park your RV in parking lots, on the street, and in residential areas for two weeks.
  • The rules for RV parking can be quite different in other countries. It is best to find out about the country-specific regulations before your vacation.


Motorhome parking in residential areas

Heavy motorhomes with more than 7.5 tons are not allowed to park in residential areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and on Sundays and public holidays! However, most motorhomes that you can rent on CamperDays do not fall into this category.

Parking a motorhome

2. parking a motorhome: this is how it works

You are on the road for the first time with the motorhome and get already at the thought of parking or maneuvering sweat? Don't worry: with a few tricks, parking with a motorhome is not so bad. Just stay calm, take your time and follow these three tips:

Adjust side mirrors properly: Smaller campers have a rear window, but larger motorhomes rarely do. So here, the rearview mirror is moot or not even installed. Adjust the side mirror so that you can still see the back of your vehicle and don't miss it when parking. Larger motorhomes often have an additional wide-angle mirror that should at least allow you to see the rear wheel.

Get help: When parking your motorhome, a second person should always help you and keep an eye out for possible obstacles and road users. Worth its weight in gold: a prior agreement on commands and gestures when maneuvering in. Turn off the radio for maneuvering and open the window. The person instructing you should always stand so that they remain visible to you. If not, stop and wait for commands!

Don't forget the roof: If you are traveling with a larger RV, tree canopies suddenly become an obstacle when parking. Co-drivers (or if you are traveling alone: other campsite guests) should take care when giving directions that no thick branches press against the motorhome roof and cause damage.

If you are unsure about parking your motorhome, it is best to practice first on the grounds of the rental company. This will give you a feel for the vehicle dimensions and the driving experience when parking - also with regard to the larger turning circle and the blind spot.


3. Where can I park the motorhome overnight?

We have often stumbled upon the question whether it is allowed to stay overnight with the motorhome on a parking lot. For Germany, the following applies: In principle, spending the night in the vehicle is prohibited in public parking lots. However, if the sleep break serves "the restoration of driving ability", then it is allowed. One condition: You must leave the parking lot after ten hours at the latest and may not make yourself at home. Camping chairs and the awning therefore remain in the camper!

📌 Tip

Car parks often offer special camper sites (even with waste disposal stations). However, we generally recommend that you spend the night at designated parking and camping sites, as this is usually the safest place to be.

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