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KAKIT 6 Layers Covers Compatible for Jeep 2 Door M/XXL

SKU: CA0401H-A08

$62.99 $114.27
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KAKIT 6 Layers Covers Compatible for Jeep 2 Door M/XXL
$62.99 $114.27

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent Quality

Two weeks isn’t much of a test, but there is no question that this cover is much better then several others that I have used over the years and much heavier. It fit my two door Wrangler nearly perfectly. My only criticism is the straps are placed at the center of the wheels requiring routing around them. Front should be just behind, while the rear should be just forward.

My guess is that I will gladly buy a new one when the elements have their way in five or six years. I hope they are considering making additional models.

BTW, shipping and delivery was Amazon Prime-like!

Seems to do the job.

I put this on my jeep last August right before I had to leave town. When I returned three months later, the cover seems to be is great condition. We have had rain and snow not for a few months, and the cover still looks great. I whish that the tie-downs were a little better positioned, it makes it a little hard to secure them. I currently do not have them secured, but haven't had the cover move at all. I would recommend this cover.

Janet M. Szabo
Perfect for keeping the top off my Jeep

This fits perfect on my Wrangler. Even when the wind is whipping around it stays on perfectly

Looks good. Fits good. Great protection.

Fit my 2017 Wrangler 2 door perfectly. Heavy multilayer material, waterproof exterior layer, soft cloth like interior layer will not scratch paint. Zipper allows entry to driver's door without having to remove cover. Pockets for mirrors. Reflective stripes.

Survived tornadoes winds

This thing is legit. My entire hardtop was off my jeep, I put cardboard boxes in between the remaining Jeep top and the cover, no pooling and survived 2 hours of tornado winds and heavy rain. There will be a few leaks at the seams after a hard rain but nothing your Jeep can��t handle. If you do not secure the top with cardboard boxes or something else it will pool with water, but if you slip under the cover and get on your Jeep and just press up on the cover the rain falls off the side with no issues. Might be the best $65 I ever spent.

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