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【2022 Guide】What Is The Best RV Cover For Snow And Wind?

If you live in an area with snowy winters, you will understand the pain of dealing with RV winter storage. We need to make sure our vehicles are protected against the weather. This is why it is important to get the best RV cover in the snow.

There are many fantastic RV covers on the market, and many of them do a great job of keeping snow out of your camper. At the end of the day, it's better to have one than none at all. Any kind of protective layer will help, but there are definitely some RV covers that are high quality. Many of them are designed to provide superior protection against snow, wind, ice, moisture, and any other conditions a camper may face during the winter months.

So, to help you out, we've selected some of the best car covers when it comes to protecting your RV from snow and wind.

Overall best : RVMasking Waterproof 600D Top Travel Trailer Cover

This is another great product that could be called the best snow RV cover. Constructed of high-density oxford material with inner waterproof pu coating, this camper cover delivers better waterproof effect. 800mm water column test provides a higher level experience. Combined with side air vents design, the 600D camper cover will provide maximum protection against the elements of rain and snow.

6 inner bottom windproof straps are more anti-aging than others, which will further increase wind protection. 2 extra ultra-long strap are specially designed for overall stability and better windproof protection.

Each sides are designed with air vents and total 4 air vents can effectively keep the RV dry at all times. Meanwhile, the inner multiple vents can ensure the RV cover’s ability to withstand wind billowing and heavy rain.There are also various sizes available so you can protect any size camper of 15'-40'.

It really is the best snow and wind cover for RVs, and there are hundreds of satisfied customers who can tell you the same thing. You can read customer reviewson Amazon. Keep in mind that when you choose a larger cover size, the price will increase. The cheapest option will be the smallest one, but you will need to pick the one that fits your particular RV.


Runner-up: RVMasking 2022 Upgraded 7 Layers top Travel Trailer RV Cover

This RV cover is consistently best-selling for its durability, excellent features and overall value. It offers great snow protection, but that's not the only thing! This cover can handle anything nature throws at it, and it has the ability to protect every part of your RV.

When you purchase this camper cover, you will get abundant accessories like 4 tire covers . Covering your tires in the winter will protect them from temperature changes and make them last longer. The fabric used to make this cover is also very durable and will hold up well against a variety of damaging forces.

7 layers of non-woven fabric on the top mixed with anti-UV Composite and waterproof membrane, it does offers upgraded anti-UV property and delivers higher ability on avoiding aging, disintegration and tearing of top fabric.

6 inner bottom windproof straps are more anti-aging than others, which will further increase wind protection. 2 extra ultra-long strap are specially designed for overall stability and better windproof protection.There are a variety of sizes to choose from (15'1"-40')

Why use an RV cover?

If you are new to RV ownership and are learning about what is and is not a necessary accessory, you may be wondering if an RV cover is necessary. It's easy to spend a ton of money on RV products, and buying a cover for a few hundred dollars may not seem worth it. However, these items offer a number of valuable benefits:

UV Protection  uv protection

As mentioned above, one of the main purposes of an RV cover is to protect against UV rays. While this may not seem to damage a sturdy vehicle, sun damage can fade paint, damage fiberglass, and weaken the appearance. In addition, it just doesn't look as good on the outside.

A cover also provides a layer of protection against the outside world and the camper. It will get less dirty and the paint and decals will stay in good condition for longer. Using a good cover will help maintain resale value and you won't have to deal with a faded, scratched and spotted RV.

Pest PreventionPest Prevention

Many different animals and insects will try to get into an RV after it has been in storage for several months. The RV can be a source of food, warmth, and protection from predators so pests will be attracted to it. A good camper cover will block exterior vents and openings, which makes it harder for the creatures to get in. It may not be the only solution, but a cover can certainly help!

Humidity Control  Humidity Control

Another problem that stored RVs face is humidity. If they are left outside, they are exposed to rain, wind, snow and a wide range of temperatures. If left unprotected, this moisture can seep into the RV and cause water damage and mold. No one wants to deal with this problem!

You want to make sure the RV cover you choose is breathable, as it will eventually trap moisture in the cover and create a more humid environment. As long as it gets rid of the excess moisture, it's a good idea.

Overall, an RV cover can protect your camper from different types of damage. Snow and wind are two of the biggest factors to consider in winter if you're going to be storing outdoors, so make sure you get a good cover!

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