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Q&A 1.0 before buying an RVMasking rv cover

Q1:  We live in a snow and windy area - will the covers stay up with snow and wind?

Answer :Our cover are all provide protection against snow and wind. If you value these two points, we recommend that you buy our Oxford cloth material, this material has the strongest wind and snow resistance.


Q2:  What is the difference between the 7 layer and 600D and which would be better for snow?

Answer :The material of the 7-layer non-woven fabric is thick for better wind protection and theoretically has a longer lifespan,but the water resistance is average

The 600D Oxford cloth has good waterproof performance.

Please purchase according to the actual situation.


Q3:  Do the covers have reinforcement for roof ladder?

Answer : At present, for the protection of the ladder, we use reinforced straps for fixing, and the reinforced straps will also prevent the car cover from falling off or breaking.

Q4:  I own a 2008 Winnebago View motorhome and I have a hitch-receiver-mounted rack for firewood and also a Yeti cooler; if possible, I would like to leave this rack in place when stored.

Answer : If you hope to leave the rack in place when stored, we can include the size of the rack when doing the measurements and choose the cover. RVMasking has 4 types of rv cover for Class C: 6 layer and 7 layer non-woven, 150D and 500D oxford fabric. The following pic is the measurement method of 7 layer top class c rv cover (take it as an example), you may please include the rack size in the length, get the height and width of your RV and choose the proper size.


Q5:  We are looking at ordering a cover for our RV. None of them show how they cover the air conditioner or vents ob top of the rv. They all look very flat.

Answer :RVMasking manufacturer takes the vent or air conditioner on the roof into consideration when making the cover. Therefore when measuring the height, we can just measure from the roof to the end the frame unit would be great. (If your air conditioner is not too tall)


Q6:  Can you give me a part # for a cover that will fit my 2005 artic fox 29v. i live in a high wind and snow area

Answer :The material of the 7-layer non-woven fabric is thick for better wind protection,but the water resistance is average.
The 600D Oxford cloth has good waterproof performance and theoretically has a longer lifespan.
Please purchase according to the actual situation.


Q7:  Looking at your Travel Trailer covers. We live in Arizona with INTENSE UV sun rays. Do any of these covers have UV protection?

Answer : Our RVMasking Travel Trailer Covers are all built with Anti-UV protection. As for INTENSE UV sun rays, we recommand you to choose our new released 600D Top Travel Trailer Cover
600D top oxford fabric which has passed 300lb tensile strength test, effectively improve the anti-aging ability as well as upgraded Anti-UV protection.
The best option is our 7 Layers top Travel Trailer RV Cover
This 7 Layers RV Cover has increased UV resistance from 4% (2021) to 5% (2022) for a 35% increase in UV resistance! The top 7 layers of non-woven fabric are blended with a UV resistant composite and waterproof membrane, it does provide upgraded UV resistance and offers a higher ability to avoid aging.

Q8:  What is your warranty on RV covers?

Answer : for most rv covers we offer 3 year warranty. You can also find the warranty and return policy for a certain product on the product page.

Q9:  Do you have covers for Class B campervans

Answer : Unfortunately, we don't have covers for Class B Campervans at this time. But we are expanding the product line.

Q10:  I have a 22 grand design imagine 2800 bh travel trailer. It's 31 feet with two ac units solar panel and antenna. Was wondering if your covers will work for my application

Answer : Our Travel Trailer RV covers are fit your model and cover not only the entire vehicle but also the RV roof. We measure from the outside to include all accessories on the top and sides. In addition, we provide straps for you to prevent them from falling off.

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  • Posted on Margaret Mohr

    I have a 2019 forest river geo pro 16 BH. I live in Long Beach, California. What would be a good trailer cover for me?

  • Posted on Dave

    My trailer is 287 inches 23’.66". This does not include spare tire mounted on bumper. I see no reason to cover bumper mounterd spare as it has it’s own cover and plenty of spacing between trailer rear and spare. You have a cover that is 22’ to 24’. Will this cover you provide suffice or your next cover goes from 24’ to 26’ in range. Would this be too large. I reside in Wyoming lots of snow and wind. Do you suggest 600D cover or 7 layer cover and please give suggested length.

  • Posted on Dave

    I seem to have a travel trailer that is a “tweener”. My measurement from front to back is 284" (23’.67") that does not include the spare tire on the bumper. Don’t see reason to cover spare as it already has cover. Your 1 cover fits 22’ to 24’. Would this cover suffice or do I need to go to the next size you offer…which is the 24’ to 26’ range? Would that make it too loose. I live in Wyoming…lots of snow and wind, do you suggest the 600d or the new 7 layer? Will order per your suggestion.

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