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  • John Sawyer

    Hi there, i have a 24 ft travel trailer, with my ladder and spare tire i would make my cover 26ft. I have a ac on my roof plus of the rear ladder. Its about 120" high from top of ac to bottom of trailer skirt. My question is; the only covers i have seen of yours is only 103in tall? Will this work?

  • Margaret Mohr

    I have a 2019 forest river geo pro 16 BH. I live in Long Beach, California. What would be a good trailer cover for me?

  • My trailer is 287 inches 23’.66". This does not include spare tire mounted on bumper. I see no reason to cover bumper mounterd spare as it has it’s own cover and plenty of spacing between trailer rear and spare. You have a cover that is 22’ to 24’. Will this cover you provide suffice or your next cover goes from 24’ to 26’ in range. Would this be too large. I reside in Wyoming lots of snow and wind. Do you suggest 600D cover or 7 layer cover and please give suggested length.

  • I seem to have a travel trailer that is a “tweener”. My measurement from front to back is 284" (23’.67") that does not include the spare tire on the bumper. Don’t see reason to cover spare as it already has cover. Your 1 cover fits 22’ to 24’. Would this cover suffice or do I need to go to the next size you offer…which is the 24’ to 26’ range? Would that make it too loose. I live in Wyoming…lots of snow and wind, do you suggest the 600d or the new 7 layer? Will order per your suggestion.

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