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Top 3 Best 5th Wheel RV Covers for Winter

What Makes Great RV Covers


If you are looking for an rv cover for winter, meterial is definitely something you should pay attention to. Most rv covers on the markets are made of 3 materials. Their price vary but clearly most covers can do their job.

Polypropylene: It is a popular choice and is known to be highly resistant to acid damage, cracking, and water (not waterproof), while still being breathable

PolyesterPolyester is one of the common material used for rv cover. This material stands out for its durability, breathability.

Oxford Fabric: Another common material used for rv covers. It stands out for its tear-resistence and cost-effective feature.

Windproof Function

The number of straps would be a great factor to look at if you are planning to get an rv cover with great windproof function. Most rv covers on the market are designed with front and rear straps, inner and outer straps.

Other Features To Focus On

Diver Side Design

Driver panel is designed for easy access. This design is useful especially you may need get in and out of your rv.

Reinforced Corner Part

Corner parts of rv covers are easy to tear. This is also a great factor to see if an rv cover does a great job on this.

Ventilation System

You can pay attention to its air vents by deciding if an rv cover does good in ventilation. A great ventilation system is extremely important in keeping your RV dry. 

Top 3 Best 5TH Wheel RV Cover

Number 1 RV Cover- RVMasking 7 Layers 5th Wheel Cover

RVMasking 5th wheel cover is designed with 7 Layers of non-woven fabric on the top and 3 layers on the side, which can provide excellent protection against UV, snow, dust, and scratches. Heavily reinforced edges and corners further improves the anti-aging ability of your RV. If you are looking for a heavy duty, tearproof rv cover, this one should definitely be on your list.

RVMasking 7 layer 5th wheel rv cover

Key Features:

  • What's in the package: 1*5 th wheel cover perfectly fits 28'1"-31' RV(PLEASE MEASUE BEFORE PURCHASE!); 4*tire covers; 1* storage bag; 4* gutter covers with sponge(Protect the sharp parts for RV); 1* adhesive repair patch; 2*weighted toss metal stick(Convenient for installation). RVMasking are back by 3 years warranty, please rest assured to purchase!
  • Tear Resistant & Edges Reinforcement: RVMasking designed top tear-proof straps solve the edges tearing problem of RV cover.
  • Newly Upgraded Anti-UV: RVMasking increases anti-UV agent from 4%(2021) to 5%(2022) and the anti-UV ability increased by 35%! 7 layers of non-woven fabric on the top mixed with anti-UV composite and waterproof membrane, it does offers upgraded anti-UV property and delivers higher ability on avoiding aging, disintegration and tearing of top fabric. By using gutter covers, our RV cover will protect your RV for more time.
  • Windproof & Custom Fit:12 inner bottom windproof straps and 2 extra ultra-long strap are designed for overall stability and better windproof protection. Elasticized hem corners and 3 adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a custom fit.
  • Ventilation & Easy Access: Each sides are designed with air vents and total 10 air vents can effectively keep the RV dry at all times. Meanwhile, the inner multiple vents can ensure the RV cover’s ability to withstand wind billowing and heavy rain. Roll-able zippered doors allow easy access in and out of the RV.

Number 2 RV Cover- ADCO 5th Wheel RV Cover

It’s designed for moderate climates with high moisture. To improve its water-resistant function, it is designed with water-resistant coating. It also has zipper entries on both sides for easy access.

Key Features

  • Zipper Entry on Both Sides - Allows slide-outs to be fully extended during storage for easy access
  • Patented wind channels on bottom corners help promote a snug fit
  • User Friendly - Red accents help identify interaction points for easy installation
  • Water-resistant Coating - Promotes cleanliness and reduces moisture build-up on the trailer

Number 3 RV Cover- Leader Accessories 5th Wheel RV Cover

Leader accessory 5th wheel rv cover stands out for its great durability and windproof functions. Coming with 2 long windproof straps and buckle&straps at bottom. This cover did a great job on this.

Key Features

  • Durable Material: Top made of 3 layers ripstop non-woven fabric + 1 layer anti-UV Coating + 1 layer water resistant membrane & heavy duty side non-woven protect your RV from scratch, dust, rain, snow, and UV rays
  • Windproof: Extra 2 long windproof straps & Waterproof Straps & Buckles at bottom, elasticized hem corners, adjustable front & rear tension panels provide a custom fit, protect your RV cover from blowing off in heavy wind
  • Breathable: 6 air vents reduces wind stress and vent inside moisture, breathable material allows maximum evaporation of water under the cover
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation; Rollable zippered doors for easy access to the engine areas; Thick handles at the top corners helps to easily remove the cover 


RV Covers manufactured by different brand stand out for different features. Make a list of you budget, features of rv covers you wanna have. This will help save a lot of time.

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