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How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter and Long-Term Storage

September is coming It's time to think of storing our boat off the season. Getting a quality boat cover is just the beginning of boat storage work. There are other things to do to get your boat ready for winter or long-term storage.

Dry Or Wet Boat Storage, Indoor Or Outdoor Boat Storage

Dry boat storage means any ways of storage where the boat is not kept in the water. Wet storage refers to a method of keeping boat in the water. As for indoor boat storage, there are dry stacked storage, storing boat in your garage or self-storage facility. The following are some common methods of storing your boat.

Store Your Boat On the Water

Some people would go for wet boat storage. If you hope your boat is ready for use all year long, storing your boat at a local marina would be a great idea. But the climate will be tough on your boat. You may need a higher-quality boat cover to protect your boat from elements and tough weather like rain, snow, and coldness.

Wet Boat Storage

Store Your Boat On Driveway

There is a cost-effective way to store your boat. That is storing it on your driveway. Make sure the spot you choose can help protect your boat from dust, falling leaves, etc. Before you park your boat on the driveway, don't forget to check if there are restrictions about this.

Store Your Boat In Boat Storage Facilities

If you have no room to store your boat on your property, consider boat storage facilities. The parking spot is usually covered with a roof to store your boat. Some facilities also offer indoor storage. Please note that storage fees are needed for this method of storage.

Whether you choose wet boat storage or dry boat storage, we would always recommend you to get waterproof boat covers.

Store Boat In Your Yard or Garage

If you have enough space to park your boat on your property, I would recommend this method. You can have a close eye on your boat on a certain time basis and make timely adjustments when any issues happen.

Bass Boat In the Year Covered By RVMasking Boat cover

What To Do Before Putting the Cover on

Take One Last Sailing

It's a great opportunity to check if there are any problems with our boat, especially the motor. Pay close attention to issues that may need repaired or fixed before the storage season.

Drain Water

Make sure you let any water drain out of your boat before your winter or long-term storage. Completely drain the gear case, fresh water tank, and hot water heater. Drain all water from the engine.

Winterize Your Engine

Use fresh water to flush the engine to remove dirt and corrosion. Refill the coolant system with antifreeze. If the oil is milky, it's a sign that there is water intrusion. Replace the oil and all filters. Finally, top off the engine with a full tank of gas mixed with stabilizer.

Grease Moving Parts

Grease the steering system and control mechanisms. 

Clean and Wax Your Boat

Before putting the cover on, it's necessary and important to have a thorough cleaning for your boat. Wax your boat after it's totally dry. Waxing your boat provides double protection for your boat during the storage session.

Put Cover On

The last step would be put the cover on. Boat covers offer double protections for your boat and protect it from rain, UV-rays, wind and falling leaves. It's a good investment. 


Winterize your boat is important. After asking what the boat manufacturer recommends and make sure you know every tips of winterizing your boat before starting it. 

How To Put Boat Cover On

Installation difficulties vary from the sizes of boat covers. The following are the basic steps to install a boat cover:

Step 1- Make sure you remove anything sharp before putting the cover on

Step 2- Find the front label on the cover. Most covers would have such labels.

Step 3- Place the front end of the cover on the bow and unroll it to the stern.

Step 4- Put all the straps and buckles on and make sure the cover is secure to your boat.

How To Clean Boat Cover

To maintain the cover shape and ensure its life service, the best method of cleaning a boat cover is using a soft bristle brush or a hose. Can I wash my boat cover in a washing machine? The answer is NO. Using a washing machine or any harsh cleaning methods would damage the water repellency or the cover itself.


Boat carries our beautiful memories with the family and the good wishes for freedom. Winter can be tough on our boat. It's important to do the work before the storage season and maintain the boat in great condition for the next adventure. 

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