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Simple Tips of Car Care

Thorough cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation system

Narrow and narrow cracks, such as those found in the air conditioning system, often become a problem when cleaning the interior of the car. It is almost impossible to remove the dust here with a normal rag. A foam brush , preferably a narrow model, dusts the cracks in the ventilation system.

Effective against stubborn dirt on windshields

Streaks and deposits on the windshield, which normal windshield washer fluid and even fully intact wiper blades no longer help, can be removed with de-icer , for example. The year-round miracle product is effective against tree resin, pollen, insect droppings and much more. However, it really should only be used in emergencies and not too often, as deicers contain chemicals. Even if these are not explicitly poisonous, they still pollute the environment.

Use simple tools for environmentally friendly interior cleaning

Vacuuming, shampooing and wet cleaning are the cornerstones of interior cleaning. There are countless products on the market that have been specially developed for upholstery or cockpit cleaning. However, many of these consist of chemicals and are also quite expensive. This is bad for the environment and for your wallet. Many seats do not tolerate a cleaning agent that is too strong. Alternatively, use a mild hair shampoo and a little water. Brush out stains carefully and with little pressure. Then suck off the remaining liquid thoroughly again.

First aid for minor stone chip damage

If the windshield has notches from a stone chip, there is usually no choice but to visit the nearest workshop. However, in order to avoid major damage until then, it is best to cover the holes with strong fabric tape. This prevents water from penetrating the windshield and cracks from forming. 

Wax your vehicle

If you’re washing your vehicles on a regular basis to preserve the looks and integrity of their exteriors, add one more of these car care tips to your maintenance routine – give them a waxing. Waxing can be done a lot less frequently than washing – two or three times per year is generally recommended. Some more expensive synthetic waxes claim that you’ll only need to use their products once a year.

Cover your Car

Quality car covers are necessary to prevent cars from dirt, dust and bird droppings. It saves a lot of trouble when you have to clean it.

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