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Tips of Cleaning Your RV

If you just return home after a nice trip and plan to have a thorough cleaning for your RV, this blog is right for you! It's also necessary to clean the motorhome if it's going to be parked and stored for winter. This blog includes details about external cleaning, roof cleaning, etc. Make sure you don't miss them. Have your pen and notebook ready and let start!

Dismantle Attachments

Firstly, you can clean the attachments more easily and then store them clean and dry. Because bike racks are not always in use, so you don't have to carry unnecessary weight for a walk. And secondly, you can also clean your mobile home much faster and more thoroughly when nothing is attached. Tip: Awnings are usually glued to the mobile home, but there is sometimes the option of removing the fabric. Then you can easily clean it on the floor!

Clear Out the RV

The RV care starts with the complete emptying of the motorhome. In this way some things appear that have been lost for a long time. Check the refrigerater and take out the food like vegetables, fruits, etc. You won't want to see stinky food after 2 month opening your Fridge. A good idea is to check everything for dirt in addition to systematically storing it in labeled boxes. So you can immediately put dirty or defective parts aside for cleaning. You may also come up with new ideas on how to store your equipment better so that you have it quickly ready for the next trip. One idea would be to design a corner of the house or workshop so that you have quick access as a good overview.

Motorhome Exterior Cleaning

Motorhome Exterior cleaning can be a big project. There are several steps to have a great exterior cleaning.

Camper Roof Cleaning

You will be amazed at the amount of dirt that can accumulate on a motorhome roof. Especially when you stand under trees a lot and the leaves are almost sticking to the roof. The video above shows very well how important the aids ladder, hand brush and spray bottle are. Without them, even the best cleaner is only half the battle.

GRP Roof Cleaning

Due to the strong weather and environmental influences, this GRP material requires special treatment! New GRP surfaces must be embedded with a special wax suitable for GRP. The same applies to cleaning agents, ie only use suitable cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer. 

RV Awning Cleaning

Cleaning the RV awning is one of the most difficult jobs when it comes to RV cleaning and maintenance. After a long journey, the dirt is particularly deep there.

Particular caution is required if the green covering has been burned in by the sun and the awning is increasingly losing its function as sun protection. This is caused by the dirt, which can heat up the awning very quickly. Mold stains also quickly form if the awning is still damp and retracted after the rain.

If the awning fabric can be removed easily, then you could clean it much easier on the ground. Here we are dealing with thin, tent-like material. If not, then proceed as in the next paragraph!

After extending the awning, it is best to first sweep the coarse dirt and dust off the surface with a hand broom. Then you start the pre-cleaning with a little washing-up liquid and lukewarm water. Just take a washing brush and loosen the first dirt.

Now it's time for the mildew stains, which are best treated with an awning awning cleaner. There are no chemicals inside that can attack the surface material and disable the protective functions. You do this step by step if you let the cleaner work. Better results can be achieved by repeating the process after a week. Before and after pictures show the successful progress.

Clean RV Solar Panel

The most important thing when cleaning the solar panels on the mobile home are the cleaning agents, which must not be aggressive ! Special cleaners, glass cleaners, detergents or even car shampoo are well suited for this. Check the level of pollution at the beginning and focus on specific circumstances. If your mobile home is parked near a wood processing plant, you have to be prepared for increased dust formation. When this dust mixes with rainwater, a sticky paste is formed that covers the entire solar module. Just as heavy dirt forms from the bird droppings, which mostly come from surrounding nests, and can lead to grass dirt. So before you start cleaning, please take a good look at the manufacturer 's instructions, if only because of the warranty conditions. If you are not sure, consult a professional from a solar company. Even if you want to do it yourself to save money, advice is important here and usually costs nothing.

RV Cover Saves Time from Cleaning

If you find there are so much dirt on you rv, consider getting an rv cover. Quality rv covers not only prevents your RV from uv-ray, snow and wind. It can also prevent dirt, falling leaves and birds droppings. RVMasking introduces best travel trailer covers for winter in the previous blog, make sure to check it.

Motorhome Interior Cleaning

Anyone who can now work in a team has a clear advantage. The "boss" takes care of the outside cleaning, and the "employees" do a bit of the inside.

Clean Camper Shower

Whichever cleaner you should use, one thing is unanimously confirmed by every camper professional. Namely that every few days you should clean and disinfect both the toilet and the shower in the mobile home. This drives away mold and bacteria and keeps campers happy for decades.

Clean Camper Stove

Professionals clean the stove with the typical kitchen cleaner and then help with lemon juice. You use a squeezed lemon half, which is rubbed lightly over the stove. To avoid scratches, really only lightly press on. This lemon juice dissolves dirt, grease and limescale. Then remove everything with a damp cloth and you're done!

Clean RV Seals

Above all, it is important that you leave out the seals with the high-pressure cleaner so as not to damage them. You are welcome to use conventional cleaner, and after the seals have dried, you grease them with a care stick or talcum powder. This keeps them supple at all temperatures and keeps moisture out as desired.

Cleaning & Sealing

This is what you are going to do for cleaning and sealing.

  • Clean and seal camper
  • Conserve camper
  • Polish and seal camper
  • RV sealing test.


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