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How to Choose the Perfect Cover for Your Travel Trailer

best travel trailer covers


Whenever winter comes, people are torn whether they need to buy an RV cover or not. For this reason, many people start to ask how to choose an RV cover for  RV that will suit them and can play a protective role when it comes to winter. A car cover means to cover your car and protect it from external damage, but different materials play a very different role in protection, and choosing the wrong cover can damage your car.

First of all, car cover sounds similar to "cover", when it comes to cell phones people will think of cell phone cases, but when it comes to car, people's awareness of car covers is not so deep, car covers are far more important than you think. For the force majeure natural factors, the car cover is an essential umbrella for the RV.

Summer - Anti-UV

High temperature weather for RV materials can cause plastic parts to deteriorate and rubber, latex and powdered materials to dry out and deteriorate. The fiberglass will oxidize and the exterior will fade, all because of the damage caused by UV rays. Besides, the furniture inside the car will also fade through the sunlight. A car cover is a good way to prevent the heat build-up caused by UV rays that can lead to breakage of the caravan from the inside out, because its sun protection keeps the car cool and keeps your car from getting too hot when you leave it.

Autumn and Winter - Rain and Snow

After summer comes the autumn rainy season, in which the vehicle will inevitably get wet from the rain leading to damage to parts or, in more serious cases, the vehicle can no longer be used properly. More serious damage can occur in winter when snow piles up because freezing causes water to expand and when spring comes and the snow melts, the vehicle will not only freeze but also get wet, resulting in the inability to use it properly.
RV covers can avoid or reduce the occurrence of these situations, both in spring, summer, autumn and winter can provide protection to the vehicle. However, many people are hesitant to choose an best RV cover. Here are six features that make RVMasking RV different from other brands and some factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing an RV cover, I hope they will help you.


Generally speaking, choose a high quality RV cover that is waterproof, as it is of utmost importance to help prevent water damage as well as other potentially damaging substances from entering your vehicle, no matter what the weather.


The windproof straps are more resistant to aging than other windproof straps and this will further increase the wind protection. the RVMasking RV cover includes 6 inner bottom windproof straps and 2 extra long straps designed for overall stability and better wind protection. In addition, elasticized hem corners and 4 adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a custom fit.


RV covers can cause mold and mildew, so having good ventilation and breathability can help circumvent this problem, which is an essential consideration when you choose an RV cover.

All-around protection

Not only do you need to protect your equipment, the roof, but you should also protect the sides of the car, protecting the interior by protecting the exterior, as the interior can easily be affected by external damage and cause internal damage. In addition, rv tire cover is also necessary to prevent the tires from being damaged by external impurities.


RVMasking's RV cover is designed with 7 layers of non-woven fabric on the top and 3 layers of non-woven fabric on the sides. Compared with other brands of RV covers, we can provide good protection from snow, dust and scratches as well as higher tear resistance and high UV resistance.


Each side is designed with vents, and a total of 6 vents can effectively keep the RV dry at all times. Meanwhile, multiple internal vents ensure that the RV cover has the ability to withstand wind and heavy rain.

Before this winter comes, choose a best travel trailer covers for you must have RVMasking involved, hope to have you along the way. Let us be your most intimate companion and guardian.

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