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3 Reasons Why You Should Get An RV Cover


RV without cover in winter days

 Is it worth it to get an RV cover? Some people may think about this question when finding an RV cover will cost at least $200 or almost $400. If you're unable to store your RV under a roof either at your home or at a storage facility (both ways can be super expensive), a quality RV cover would be well worth owning. Or even if you plan to store your RV under the roof, a cover can provide double protection in extreme weather, such as snowy days, windy days, etc.

Before knowing what protection an RV cover can offer, let’s first see what may cause damage to our RV before knowing. 3 things may cause damage to our RV.

What May Cause Damage to Your RV

UV Light

Long-time exposure to sunlight can do damage to your RV. It can damage the seals, fade decals, and degrade the RV paint. 


Excessive humidity leads to mold growth that can damage the RV's wooden structure. In addition, components in the RV including metal parts and electrical appliances, are also prone to break in wet environments.

Dirt and Bird droppings

When it comes to fall, birds’ migration season, you may find lots of bird droppings on your RV roof. Tons of time will be taken to clean them and of course the dirt.

Not everybody can store the vehicle under a roof or in a storage facility. Either way can be very expensive. In this way getting a cover would be the most cost-effective way. You have nothing to lose. The following are 3 reasons why you should get your RV.

3 Reasons You Should Get An RV Cover

Reason NO.1  Covers Help Prevent Unexpected Scratches

Covers will always be a protector for your RV. If you store your RV in the garage, there might be unexpected scratches. An RV cover can help prevent that.

Reason No.2  RV Cover Helps Prolong RV’s Service Life

RV roofs can easily get damaged. Constant exposure to UV light will wear down the roof material, therefore causing drying, cracking, fading, and oxidizing of your RV. Besides, if you leave the RV in the sunshine without a cover, the temperatures of its interior and exterior will rise. In this case, huge damage will happen to heat-sensitive components. One point most people may neglect is sunlight can get through the window and fade our furniture. Using a high-quality RV cover can critically protect your RV from keeping the temperature of your RV down by deflecting direct sunlight.

Reason No.3  Covers Help Save Your Time From Cleaning RV

It’s recommended to clean the RV before the storage and after the storage. We probably need to clean it anyway after the storage, but a cover can help keep a lot of unexpected dirt and bird droppings away.

To maintain the good condition of our RV, it's necessary to get a high-quality thick cover that have great windproof, UV-protection function. We will poblish an article about how to choose the right cover for your RV. Stay tuned!

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